SPPD186 SharePointPodcast – SharePoint Insanity Demystified

In this epsiode of the SharePointPoidcast you will hear the third part of a recording from SharePoint MVP Dan Holme’s workshop

“SharePoint Uncensored: Architecting SharePoint for Governance, Manageability, and Business Value”.

Dan is AvePoint’s Chief SharePoint Evangelist and presented this workshop at the Berlin SharePoint user group on October 24, 2011.

The recording has been split into 4 episodes:

Wish I’d Have Known That Sooner! SharePoint Insanity Demystified

After years of helping organizations around the world to deploy and implement SharePoint, Dan Holme has found that there are certain pain points that almost everyone encounters. Some are confusing concepts. Some are bad decisions driven by Microsoft’s UI and documentation. Some are due to unnecessarily complex terminology. And some because there are things that SharePoint should do, but can’t. In this session, Dan will share the most common and problematic scenarios, and their solutions, with the goal of saving you pain, time, and money. Think of this session as “Lessons Learned,” “Best Practices,” or “From the Field” on steroids. Whether you’re new to SharePoint or a seasoned veteran, in this grab-bag session there will be treasures for you!

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Michael Greth is a well-known speaker, author, consultant and trainer for Microsoft SharePoint Technologies since 2001. He is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for 20 years and leader of the German SharePointCommunity.de. He specialises in SharePoint as a Social Business platform and helping customers to get more value out of their SharePoint implementation. Michael hosts SharePointPodcast.de, the biweekly audio update for SharePoint users and has been blogging since 2003 about.

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