SPPD438 – 18 Jahre SharePointPodcast, M365 Tipps und Chat-GPT

Verspätet die Jubiläumsfolge zum 18. Geburtstag dieses Podcasts - gestartet am 7.2.2005 und nunmehr volljährig.

Verspätet die Jubiläumsfolge zum 18. Geburtstag dieses Podcasts – gestartet am 7.2.2005 und nunmehr volljährig.

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Am 13.1.2023 habe ich mit Blick auf den 18. Jahrestag dieses Podcast am 7.2.2023 im Dialog mit Chat-GPT ein Essay über diesen Podcast erstellt:

Geschichte des SharePointPodcast im Stil von Herr der Ringe

Tipps SharePoint

Use Playlists to create collections of video or audio files in Microsoft 365

Microsoft Lists: How to change the background color of cards in the Gallery View

Building beautiful sites with purpose: Part 1  Cathy Dew


Building beautiful sites with purpose: Part 2



Yammer is evolving to Microsoft Viva Engage with new experiences rolling out today

We’ve heard your feedback on this initial step and in the coming year, all of Yammer will become Viva Engage, retiring the Yammer brand. In addition, we’ll continue to enhance Viva Engage with new capabilities that spur leadership engagement, authentic expression, events, and knowledge discovery, including new experiences rolling out today.


Viva Engage features for leaders, communicators and employees von Dan Holme


GhostWriter Office 365

Patrick Husting is the developer of a new third-party add-in called Ghostwriter that lets users query ChatGPT and other OpenAI language models in a sidebar, to have the AI chatbot generate responses and content directly in the document they’re drafting. It’s available for Microsoft Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and Excel, with other Office products coming soon.


Itacs M 365 Kaffeepause : Hybride Arbeit erfolgreich machen

1.3.2023 9:30 – 12:30 Uhr
Anmeldung: https://events.teams.microsoft.com/event/25495a2a-2783-4b3a-8d95-bc59bc87ec4e@50da0969-1dee-4173-914e-6a8a828c84df

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